Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will Google + Revolutionize Social Media?

Will Google+ revolutionize the world of social media with it's promise of increased privacy or will + be just like Buzz and Wave? Anyone out there remember Buzz or Wave?

The tech blogs are all talking about + and Gizmodo offers a useful preview of three of Google+ unique features: Circles, Spark, and Hangouts. Also discussed, Google+'s Mobile features.

Over at Wired, Steven Levy offers a longer review of the new effort by Google to take a bite out of Facebook when it comes to the world of social networking and the top-secret effort code named "Emerald Sea" that fueled this large-scale, collaborative development.

For the non-tech savvy, the NYT offers a more newsy summary of Google's new effort. For now, those wanting to try out Google+ will need to be invited by a fellow Google user.

It will interesting to see whether Google+ can impact the reach of Facebook and/or whether the outcome of Emerald Sea will wash away smaller social networking sites like Path that have been trying to make some waves.

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