Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachmann strikes again, associates herself with the wrong John Wayne

Yesterday Bachmann traveled to Waterloo, Iowa (her hometown) to "officially" announce her bid for the 2012 GOP nomination.

As predicted, she is already providing some entertaining commentary. Yesterday, she suggested that John Wayne (the actor) is also from Waterloo, Iowa and in referring to Wayne suggested, “That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.”

The problem -- she got the wrong John Wayne. As  Jeff Zeleny noted in an article in today's NYT:

"The actor was actually born in Winterset, Iowa, which is about 150 miles southwest of Waterloo. It was John Wayne Gacy, known as the killer clown who raped and murdered 33 teenage boys in the 1970s, who lived in Waterloo."

Let's hope Bachmann doesn't possess the same spirit as John Wayne Gacy.

For the record, this is John Wayne:

And this is John Wayne Gacy:

Let's hope that Michele Bachmann quickly learns the difference.

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