Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa 2012: Victory for V-Neck Sweater Vests (and Santorum)?

I'm anxiously awaiting the results of the 2012 GOP Iowa Caucus. Will Mitt Romney be able to secure more than 25% of the vote? Will Ron Paul eek out a Mike Huckabee style victory? Or will Santorum and his v-neck sweater vests make the most of some recent momentum?

While the New York Times sweater vest story (link above) is a funny one, nothing beats these proposed Santorum newspaper headlines, a fun list that pays tribute to Santorum's Google problem.

While Romney remains as the presumptive nominee even with a second or third place finish in Iowa, a second place finish (or even a good showing) for either Santorum or Paul will keep the respective #2 candidate in the media spotlight.

If it's Santorum in the news, you can bet the headlines, the sweater vests, and the association with the Google problem will only continue on to New Hampshire and South Carolina.

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