Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt Romney's latest Oops moment

With his victory in Florida, Mitt Romney seems to be the presumptive GOP nominee.

Luckily for us, but not for Mitt Romney, he's the type of candidate who keeps entertaining with his many gaffes. Does he think he's running against Joe Biden, not Barack Obama?

In any event, Mitt Romney's latest oops moment is that he doesn't care about the very poor. Here's the original commentary so you can see for yourself.

The New York Times covered the reaction to the gaffe in an article this morning. In a thoughtful piece, Gail Collins dissects Romney's commentary. While the reaction to Romney's original comments may have been a bit overblown, the substance of what he did say is not good for a candidate who is already perceived as out-of-touch with the experience of average Americans. As a scholar of political comedy and culture, Romney's latest gaffe is noteworthy -- as is the media's reaction.

Just how awkward are these comments? How much will they hurt Mitt Romney in the end?

As February begins and the primary contests roll on, look for journalists, comedians, and academics to pay even closer attention to the "gems" that come out of Romney's mouth.

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