Monday, February 20, 2012

New Study Shows Importance of Comedy and Humor for Young Men

Stuck in an elevator? Sixty-three percent of young men surveyed said they would choose to be there with Jon Stewart (or some other favorite comic), and only 15 percent said they would prefer that time with Eli Manning (or some other idolized athlete).

At least that's what The New York Times is reporting today with a review of a new Comedy Central study about young men and humor. 

Turns out that comedy and absurdity (not irony) is more important to young men, specifically Millennials, than previously thought. 

While Millennials are watching less television that older counterparts -- preferring YouTube and brief Internet content to traditional television -- they're a ripe market for Comedy Central and their marketing partners.

Ever wonder about those ads you're seeing during The Colbert Report and The Daily Show

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