Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dick Cheney = Darth Vader? At least on Jay Leno ...

Last week, Dick Cheney made the rounds promoting his new book, In My Time: A Personal or Political Memoir.

He made a brief appearance on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, engaging in the art of self-ridicule with his brief appearance in a Darth Vader costume. Here's a brief video clip of costumed Cheney:

As my own research has recently shown, politicians who are willing to engage with political comedy and practice the art of self-directed humor warm the attitudes of voters -- both voters who would normally support and oppose the particular politician or candidate. While Cheney is no longer running for elective office, it is possible that his appearances on programs like The Tonight Show and his willingness to act as a satirist engaged in the practice of political satire might actually encourage more positive feelings toward the former Vice President. Or perhaps he'll just sell some more copies of his memoirs.

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