Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jon Stewart Takes on Rick Squared and Speaks to Republicans at Camera Three

Jon Stewart started off the week with a review of last week's Google/Fox News Republican candidate debate. There's an irony not to miss here given that this clip is from a Google sponsored debate and Santorum is well known for his Google problem. So here's the clip for Rick #1 from the top of the show:

 and here's Rick #2 (aka Rick Squared):

For viewers who often think Stewart is left-leaning, his address to Republican base over at Camera 3 offers a sample of partisan commentary. In fact, recent research with colleagues Patricia Moy and Michael Xenos published in the volume, The Stewart/Colbert Effect: Essays on the Real Impacts of Fake News, explores the connection between partisan identity (e.g., being a Democrat or Republican) and the processing of humorous messages from programs like The Daily Show. In our research we find that some viewers of The Daily Show view the program through a partisan lens, using the perception that Jon Stewart leans left as a rule of thumb or heuristic when processing and interpreting content presented each evening. Partisan heuristics are particularly important when the target of the comedy is less well-known (e.g., think Nancy Pelosi, Rick Perry, or Chris Christie) as opposed to a more prominent figure like President Barack Obama.

So here's the Camera 3 message ... certainly an example of partisan commentary:

Perhaps the most disturbing piece from the whole show -- even more than the performances of Rick Squared -- is Chris Christie's version of Born to Run.

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