Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jon Stewart & Will Ferrell Wear a Helmet

Jon Stewart offered his own commentary on the latest Rush Limbaugh incident on Tuesday's broadcast.

In the clip, Stewart mentions that Limbaugh is criticizing a private citizen but doesn't capitalize on this distinction. Instead he focuses on how the Right responded to Limbaugh's comments. Their answer: criticize Bill Maher, a liberal comedian with his own show on HBO, for calling Sarah Palin the "c" and "t" word. Do note that Sarah Palin is a very, very public person but Sandra Fluke is simply a Georgetown University law student.

The clip continues by discussing Fox News' targeting of comedians. Did you know that comedians wear helmets according to Fox? By the end of the clip, Stewart tells the network to "Shut the F@#k Up!"

Regardless of the helmet fiasco (mocked nicely during the Will Ferrell interview later in the broadcast -- see below), it is interesting to watch Jon Stewart -- first and foremost a comedian -- talk about comedy and the consequences of being a public commentator. It seems like we should hold both Stewart and Limbaugh to the same standard -- the same goes for Comedy Central and Clear Channel.

Doesn't Will Ferrell look much better in the helmet than Stewart?

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