Thursday, August 11, 2011

Colbert Super PAC Ads Air in Iowa: Vote for Parry, not Perry

Stephen Colbert and his Super PAC are supporting Rick Parry in the Iowa Straw Poll. That's right, PARRY not PERRY. Colbert is encouraging Iowa voters -- in a series of TV ads -- to write "Rick Parry" in on their ballots this weekend, in the effort to continue the quest of "Making A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow." Too bad so many media outlets are suggesting that Colbert and his SuperPAC are supporting Perry with an "E". According to the ads, it's Parry with an "A" for America and Iowa.

You don't have to live in Iowa to catch the ads. As with traditional political ads, the reach or impact of the ads is often better measured by subsequent media attention and the number of individuals sharing the content with members of their social network. Simply put, it's not just about viewing the ads on TV in Iowa, but the national attention given to these messages put out by Colbert Super PAC. Check them both out below.

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