Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pictures of the Week

While the media tends to pay greater attention to what presidential candidates say during the early days of primary campaigns, photojournalism and the images of the primary campaign are also particularly important for voters.

Two interesting (and scary) photos emerged this week. The first was featured in The New York Times' coverage of Texas Governor Rick Perry's Christian-themed prayer rally held in Houston over the weekend.  For more, check out this post on The Caucus. Here's the photo:

So much for the separation of church and state ...

The second photo is on the cover of Newsweek and displays a "deer in the headlights" image of candidate Michele Bachmann. Some critics in the media have suggested that the photo is unflattering and that the use of the word "rage" is problematic especially because it appears only on the cover, not in the article. Take a look for yourself.

Without question, both candidates represent conservative political agendas that are guided by strict moral and religious values. The image from the Perry rally is just straight photojournalism. The picture of Bachmann however is a different story. Is Newsweek trying to make a political statement here or are they just trying to up their circulation numbers?

Jon Stewart presented an interesting take on the cover on last night's The Daily Show.

While the Bachmann image has certainly attracted more attention, both photos stand out as images of the week.

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